Building Information Modelling

James Brennan Associates have 10 plus years of experience in the use of laser scanning and alternate survey technologies to produce 3D and 2D measurement information. The past 5 years has seen a significant increase in the delivery of 3D survey data as a final product within both the private sector and the heritage industry. This has taken the form of-

  • 3D data as wireframes, surfaced, solid or photographically textured models.
  • The increasing use of parametric models (BIM) delivered in Revit.
  • Development of high quality animations and stills.
  • Creation of online virtual tours and Apple based applications.

We have undertaken a number of projects which have encompassed all these deliverables, based on a single site visit to gather the base laser scanning data.

3D data is now becoming the industry standard for the management of on going projects, and the long term management of sites and buildings, within either generic CAD products or specific facilities management systems.