Heritage Recording

We have a specialist understanding of historic buildings which allows us to accurately draw and interpret them.

In seeking to make changes to historic places record drawings and photographs are often an essential tool and planning requirement. The Governments National Planning Policy Framework requires applicants for listed building consent and planning permission to adequately assess the significance of the heritage assets affected. Whilst accurate information of the building or site ‘as is’ are the foundation for formulating proposals for change.

Our understanding of historic buildings and sites has led to us acting as project lead for the National Trust when recording and examining both Little Moreton Hall and Quarry Bank Mill gardens. Similarly, we have prepared records and analysis of buildings for a range of commercial projects which supported applications for consent and the discharge of conditions associated with them. Our understanding of historic buildings and archive sources enabled us to virtually reconstruct Lake Innes Ruins and provide the interactive interpretation of the site showcased on the exciting website.

We have built up successful partnerships with a range of specialist partners and are thus able to bring a holistic approach to projects, bringing in relevant skills as needed. These include architects, architectural historians, archaeologists, stone specialists and craftsmen.