Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall is the quintessential English black and white timber framed building. Grade I listed it is a gentry house which showcases decorative timber framing at its best. Constructed during the 16th century for wealthy landowners the Moreton family, the building was designed to impress.

The buildings intricate detail and quirky shape had defied previous attempts to produce a complete accurate record of the site. We were commissioned by the National Trust to produce a record that was accurate down to the last peg-hole accompanied by a comprehensive gazetter showing each room and explaining its significance. A mammoth undertaking, the building has finally been fully recorded – every single internal and external elevation, floor and ceiling plan captured. A variety of techniques were required for the task – laser scanning, photogrammetry and traditional hand measurement.

Our enthusiasm for the site and its interpretation led to our creation of this virtual tour.