We use 3D data all the time. We combine laser scanning with imagery captured from the ground or drone to produce a range of different 3D deliverables. 3D visualisations can be produced of past, existing or proposed buildings, sites and artefacts. The results can be used for replicating sculpture by laser printing, as a BIM model for a major project or interpreting and displaying inaccessible areas.

Case Studies

We have used 3D models and BIM in a number of the projects we have done over the years.
You can find out more about these projects in our case studies section of the site.
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The laser scanner data we capture can be used to produce detailed Building Information Models (BIM). These can be produced in different levels of detail using software such as Autodesk Revit.

BIM can be produced at the beginning of a project and then changed as the site developed or used as a powerful way to manage the information about your building.

3D Replication

The close range, high resolution 3D mesh models we can produce from a combination of laser scan data and photography can be used to 3D print existing or missing detail. 3D printed models in materials such as polyurethane foam can then be used by carvers in their off site studios and workshops for direct comparison. This can be invaluable for example in copying detail high up on a Cathedral once the scaffolding is down or from drone photography.

3D Inspection Models

We can produce 3D inspection models of your building, monument or site. This will mean you can navigate in 3D around a high resolution digital model without having to use an expensive access platform or scaffolding. We capture the data using laser scanning, terrestrial, pole and drone photography. The model can be hosted online so different team members in multiple locations can utilise it.