Drone Survey & Inspection

Drones and other UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are a rapidly evolving solution for surveys and inspections.  We are fully aware of the constraints associated with safely flying drones, particularly in urban areas, and can comply with these issues. We can produce video inspections, still photography and 3D inspection models to your requirements. We have trained UAV pilots, full insurance and CAA permission for commercial work.

We operate a number of different drones suitable for different situations and sites. We can provide high resolution 4K filming and still photography.


Roof Inspection Surveys

Roofs are often difficult, dangerous and in the past expensive areas of buildings to access by inspection platforms and scaffolding. Using a UAV means we can remotely access these crucial areas of structures. This is ideal when, for example, recording a complex historic  building – which for example has double pitches, hidden valleys, low parapets and inaccessible tower tops. It saves a great deal of time, shows a vast amount of detail and produces a mass of information. We can be guided in real time on site by architects, building surveyors and other professions while carrying out the survey to specific areas of concern or interest.

The imagery captured from a roof inspection includes video footage and still photography.

This data can be combined with laser scan data and survey control to produce ortho images of roofs and site, point clouds and to supplement laser scanners. 

Topographic Survey

UAV survey of a large area of land can undertaken rapidly. When linked with survey control the imagery can be used to produce meshed and contoured surfaces, point clouds and fly-through models of a site. This complements traditional style line work topographic surveys and land based laser scanning. The data can also be used for volumetric survey.

Ortho Imagery

Ortho imagery provides the greatest level of accuracy in photographic surveys as all of the elements are shown true to scale. This technique requires a combination of a large number of high resolution photographs and laser scanning, processed into a completely true-to-scale image. It provides a highly accurate, scaled and detailed photographic record, is an impressive interpretation tool and can be used to mark up or inform complex repairs to a roof.

3D Inspection Models

A 3D inspection model is a combination of drone and ground based photography and often laser scanning. Data is merged together to produce an enhanced point cloud, web based or mesh model. This can be used as a record, to inform repair and development proposals and in interpretation. Web based models can be utilised by a number of specialists and allow virtual access to areas of limited access.

Record Photography

We can supplement our ground based photographic services with additional high resolution UAV imagery. This sets the building or monument in its context in the landscape and surroundings.  Additional images taken closer into the building will record the wealth of detail found in historic buildings including leadwork, roof coverings and timberwork.