Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is now the foundation for the majority of our data capture. It is accurate, fast, non-contact and has a wide range of applications. It provides a 3D snapshot in time and can be combined with imagery to produce textured models, BIM models and ortho images. It is also used as a monitoring tool as it records small or overall changes in fabric. It produced dense clouds of 3D points over visible surfaces. We combine data from each set up of the scanner to form large unified point clouds of whole buildings and sites. The data can be sliced in 3D.

Once we have done this we can produce as many drawings as you need, either now or years into the future, without having to go back to site.

  • Rapid collection of 3D data on site
  • Ideal for deformation/erosion monitoring over time
  • Large data sets reduce time required on site when access is difficult to arrange
  • Large data sets mean clients can easily request further drawings without return site visits
  • Non-contact measurement ideal for hazardous areas or unsafe buildings
  • Provides high quality data sets of 3D printing
  • 3D record survey of a snapshot in time
Case Studies

Laser scanning was used in a number of the projects we have done over the years.
You can find out more about these projects in our case studies section of the site.
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