Measured Surveys

We have extensive experience in producing floor plans, elevations, sections, topographic and utility surveys. These can be produced of any building or site, at any scale or accuracy, in 2D or as BIM models. We specialise in high detail and accuracy on historic buildings, structures and monuments. We can also provide underground services mapping and drone surveys.


Floorplans are typically produced for most of the buildings we work on. They can be to any scale and detail, even at 1 to 1! We are used to working on complex buildings and try to show as much as we can, including blocked doors and windows and other historic features. We often use our floorplans to mark up phasing in a building’s history. We show floor and overhead levels across the plans, and also produce detailed external and internal roof plans – they can show every truss, rafter and purlin.


Elevations can be drawn externally or internally at whatever level of detail is required. This ranges from block models and hole in the wall detail, to showing every brick or stone.


Sections cut through structures and buildings highlighting changes in level, different floors and voids. They can combine internal and external elevations.

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is carried out externally in gardens, streets and fields. They can be produced of whole landscapes or estates and are often incorporated into ground floor plans of houses.

Utility/Underground Services Surveys

Utility/underground services surveys are often added to topographic surveys to show information about pipes, drains, cables and other hidden features. These surveys show depths, sizes of pipe and direction of flow, for example. They are located by lifting manhole covers, using electrodetection and radar. This can be combined with information from CCTV cameras as well.

Case Studies

We use Measured Surveys in a number of the projects we have done over the years.
You can find out more about these projects in our case studies section of the site.
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