James Brennan Associates


James Brennan Associates is a team of specialist Chartered Land Surveyors established over 15 years ago. We have completed an extensive number of projects across the UK, using a wide range of survey and photographic techniques. We work with architects, surveyors, project managers, owners, government bodies, local authorities and national heritage organisations.

Rectified Photography

Rectified photography provides a cost effective method for recording a high level of detail on relatively flat structures and objects…
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Hanworth Palace

A recently completed project funded by English Heritage has seen us produce rectified elevations of the 16th century remains of…
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Edgar Wood

Edgar Wood’s was a notable architect, seen as a proponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement his later work is…
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Bedlam Furnaces

We are in the final stages of producing a 3D laser scanned survey of this famous Scheduled Monument in the…
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That’s great thanks @EnglishHeritage . Hope it is open again soon, obviously a popular site. It is literally a textbook example of Anglo Saxon Church architecture! https://t.co/EdFgX7xXUI
That’s great. Thanks for contacting @EnglishHeritage shame they couldn’t get back to me directly. It’s an amazing building hope they reopen soon. @TheCCT @HE_Midlands @friendschurches @englishparish @EngChurchPics https://t.co/vhuDyGBbki
Just following this up @EnglishHeritage @EHEducation From replies I have had other people are trying to visit it too but no access? Anyone else know anything about it? @EngChurchPics @TheCCT @HE_Midlands @friendschurches https://t.co/MnYaks0T49
JBrennanAssoc photo
James Brennan Assoc @JBrennanAssoc
One of the most famous surviving #anglosaxon buildings in GB and it’s closed and looks like it has been for a while @EnglishHeritage? fabulous classic detailing on the exterior of the tower. Anyone know why rubbish is building up in the porch and it’s closed? https://t.co/pHZCun6YNu